• AN ISO 9001:2015 and USDMF Certified Company
  • Production Capacity : We have installed Capacity to manufacture of over 20 Lac bottles per day, besides we have the required expertise to customize every requirement of our esteemed customers in the packaging industries.
  • Technology : At Micropet, we use world class Advanced technology of Nissei ASB, Japan make ISBM single stage machines. We established non-lubricated water cooled compressor to ensure that bottles manufactured are free from any contamination / pollutant.
  • Hygienic: The products are packed in a Clean Room that is equipped with AHU and Class 100000 certification , under stringent supervision of quality control division.
  • Testing: we have established and maintain a fully equipped quality control laboratory to carry out the dimensional checks with proper calibrated measuring instruments like fully automatic top load tester,Colour matching Tester, Bottle cutter and thickness tester to ensure final product should remain as per standard.
  • Packing & Finishing: To prevent from any dust or contamination of any sorts, the bottles are proper shrink wrapped into packets and then further packed in the corrugated boxes according to our standard packing specifications.